Retrica 2.10

Get the vintage look with this cool camera app

Retrica makes for a fun way to take vintage-style photos using your iOS device. View full description


  • Huge range of filters
  • Lots of collage layouts
  • Great for selfies!


  • Watermark size can't be changed

Very good

Retrica makes for a fun way to take vintage-style photos using your iOS device.

Retro camera fun

The app includes more than 80 Instagram-style vintage filters, as well as the ability to make custom effects with vignette, blur and borders. Retrica can grab images in sequence at timed intervals then present the results in a wide array of cool montage designs, complete with a logo.

If you can't decide which filter to apply, Retrica includes a 'Random' button that creates the element of surprise, and helps you discover which filters you prefer.

You can apply Retrica logos as watermarks to your images, which look kinda cool, but there's no option to resize the logo, so sometimes it can intrude on an important part of your picture.

Unlike Instgram, Retrica doesn't include a social media platform of its own, but includes the ability to share your finished creations in all manner of ways.

Retrica for iOS allows you to import images from your Camera Roll into the app and play around with them to create effects: something you can't do with the Android version, incidentally.

Good shot

Retrica has a simple, well-designed interface that makes it easy to take photos with effects. Once you've set your effect or filter you get a live preview of what the finished shot will look like, then it's just a case of hitting the shutter button to capture the photo.

A new way to take photos

Retrica is great for playing around with your device's camera while you're out and about then sharing your creations with others.


  • Retrica now comes with four new filter packs - Brilliant, Antique, Juxtapose, and Mythic – while the Stella filter has been added to the Chic filter pack. You can watch a sponsored video to try a premium filter for free. The app now also supports remote Bluetooth shutter buttons, allows you to manually control the exposure for your photos, and you can chose a Retrica watermark after you take a photo.



Retrica 2.10